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  • NAME: Devin Santiago
  • AGE: 21
  • LOCATION: Las Vegas, Nevada
  • FC: Francisco Lachowski

Why don’t you start off by introducing yourself?

Hello my name is Devin Santiago, I’m 20, and I live just outside Sin City

Tell us a little about your history.

What’s there to tell? I’m pretty much trying to forget my ‘history’. My dad was a drunk, my mom was always on drugs. Does that answer your questions? Growing up in Vegas isn’t too bad. You never get bored. And the people of Las Vegas never really have to grow up. You can find all your hearts desires here. And yes, I’m not going to lie. Those ‘hearts desires’ 9 times out of 10 are girls. In Vegas, people are just looking for a good time. You don’t have to have any strings attached. That’s just the way I like it. It’s a never ending party. No responsibilities, no regrets. I couldn’t ask for a better life.

Why should we pick you? Why are you wanting to be a part of this?

Come on. Every reality show needs a badass mother f***** who keeps the party going.

And what’s your deepest, darkest secret?

I watched my dad beat my mom almost every night. When I was old enough, I started sneaking out so I wouldn’t be home to watch it go down. That’s when this all began.

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